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Green Living - Transportation

Transportation (e.g. vehicles) is typically powered by burning of diesel or petrol, which generates carbon dioxide and aggravates climate change. Moreover, transport emissions include a variety of pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, volatile organic compounds, respirable suspended particulates; these pollutants are the major sources of air pollution. In Hong Kong, about 80% of carbon monoxide, 20-30% of sulfur dioxide, volatile organic compounds and respirable suspended particulates are derived from road traffic.

Although using transportation is unavoidable, we can make better use of public transport and reduce the use of private cars. In addition, if driving private cars cannot be avoided, switch off the engine when idling. Idling vehicles with running engines not only waste fuel, the emissions will also affect the health of pedestrians and air quality. When idling, the exhaust ventilation system will be returned into the car inside and affect drivers' health.

Green Rules
  • Make use of public transport, reducing use of private cars.
  • Choose less polluting transportation, such as railways, trams, and LPG light buses. 
  • If the destination is nearby, walk or cycle instead of riding, which is both environmentally friendly and healthy.
  • Bear in mind that idling vehicles should be switched off if you drive.
  • When traveling abroad, you can choose airlines that are involved in "carbon neutral" programmes to offset the substantial carbon dioxide emitted by planes.
Know More
  • Assuming each private car will pick up two persons, each passenger journey results in 120 grammes of carbon dioxide emissions per km.
  • For bus, each passenger journey results in only 38 grammes of carbon dioxide emissions per km.
  • For railway, each passenger journey results in just 9 grammes of carbon dioxide emissions per km.

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