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Low Carbon Living

"Low Carbon Living" is often heard in recent years. This is increasingly important due to global warming, which is interlinked with climate change that is causing significant and potentially increasingly devastating impacts on the global environment, humans, economies, and ecosystems. In order to alleviate global warming, we must practice low carbon living to reduce "carbon emissions".

"Carbon" of "Low Carbon Living" refers to carbon dioxide, a type of greenhouse gas, particularly the carbon dioxide produced by human activities. It is one of the "culprits" of global warming. All the "necessities" of modern life, including the production of goods, waste disposal, and transportation, need energy. Currently, we mainly rely on fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal) to produce energy, in the process creating massive amounts of carbon dioxide, and exacerbating global warming.

"Low Carbon Living" refers to a lifestyle that emits less carbon dioxide. As all human consumption results in carbon dioxide emissions, if we can commit to the above "4Rs of Environmental Protection", reducing consumption will also reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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