Fung Lok Wai
Shan Pui River
Long Valley
Sha Lo Tung
Hoi Ha
Kowloon Park
The Peak

Though Hong Kong is tiny, it has over 40% of the land area designated as country park and a number of parks in the urban city. These natural and almost natural places form our ecological treasury. We would like to introduce eco paths at seven prime areas: Long Valley, Sha Lo Tung, Hoi Ha Wan, Fung Lok Wai, the Peak, Shan Pui River and Kowloon Park. Making use of a 360-degree panorama visual system, the website will give you a lifelike experience of the seven paths, as well as an understanding of the environment, common flora and fauna and cultural heritage along each route. The website also details environmental issues involving the sites, such as the controversy created by the KCR's plan to build the Lok Ma Chau Spurline over Long Valley.

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