On-day Important Notice

Baggage storage service is provided at each start point. If you wish to store baggage at the Baggage Storage Counter at the start point, please present the Baggage Storage Card together with the Number Cloth.

Getting a baggage storage card:

50km & 25km Participants:Available on Material Collection Day. Please get the Card if needed and complete it with a marker pen in advance.

10km Participants:Available on event day. Please arrive earlier at the Baggage Storage Counter to get the card.

  • Participants must store the baggage 15 minutes before the kickoff. No late baggage is accepted.
  • Participants should present their Number Cloths to retrieve the baggage at the end point.
  • Those who fail to complete the Hike are required to collect their baggage at the end point.
  • Leave no valuables or fragile items in the baggage. The Organiser is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from the Baggage Storage Services.
  • The Organiser reserves the right to refuse to store any hazardous or valuable items.

The Organiser reserves the right to decline participant's qualification and result, if he/ she

  • fails to register at the specified time and venue
  • starts the Hike before the specified kick-off time
  • does not follow the stipulated route
  • 10km: Fail to pass checkpoint 2
  • 50 & 25km: Fail to pass all specified checkpoints or fails to arrive at Checkpoint 6(To Tei Wan), before the specified time
  • Any participant who wishes to withdraw from the Hike prior to the event must inform the Organiser at 3961 0200 or send an email to Green Power.
  • Anyone who wants to drop out during the event must inform The Organiser at Withdrawal Hotline: 5218 8191, or inform the nearest checkpoint staff. For details, please refer to Contact Information.
Team Results
  • For teams, the number of team members who complete the hike must be the same as that during enrollment. Otherwise, team result and ranking will not be provided.
  • All members can receive a team certificate if all of them complete the hike within the time limit. If any members of a team fail to complete the hike, the others can still receive an individual certificate, however, no ranking will be provided.
If there is Typhoon Signal No.3 or above, Flooding Warning, Landslip Warning, Red or Black Rainstorm Warning hoisted at 5:30am on the event day, the activity will be cancelled or postponed until further notice. Please pay attention to the media announcements or check with The Organiser. If the weather is inclement, participants should take care of their safety and decide whether to join the event
Lost, route enquiries and closing time of CPs :
Checkpoint 1 (Peel Rise): 9033 8642
Checkpoint 2 (Middle Gap Road): 9035 8523
Checkpoint 3 (Parkview): 5218 1692
Checkpoint 4 (Quarry Gap): 5218 3989
Checkpoint 5 (Tai Tam Road): 5218 5299
Checkpoint 6 (To Tei Wan): 5218 6359

Withdrawal Hotline: 5218 8191

Emergency Call: 9746 1729

International Emergency Call (Could be connected even there is no network coverage for the mobile phone): 112

  • First aid services are provided at all checkpoints. Inform the nearest checkpoint staff immediately of any injuries or illnesses.
  • Note the distance posts during the event, so that you can tell the number of the nearest distance post in order to help to locate you in the event of emergency.
  • International distress signals: Send out 6 long signals in a minute; pause for one minute and repeat the signal until rescuers come. Forms of signal: (i) Blow a whistle (ii) Flash with a torch at night (iii) Reflect light with a mirror or metal sheet (iv) Wave shiny clothes
  • In case of hill fire, never attempt to put out the fire. Stay calm. Do not go uphill or enter woodland or grassland. Escape to thoroughly burnt areas and choose an easy path. Cover exposed parts of your body with clothes to prevent burnt. Call 2720 0777 to report hill fire and inform nearby checkpoint.
  • Help each other in any event of injury or accident and phone the organiser as soon as possible
  • Do not move or apply first aid to an injured person before you are sure of his/her condition
Be Considerate and Give Way to Others
  • Give way to participants who walk faster than you.
  • Participants who walk fast should watch out for the safety of others. Do not rush.
  • There will be other hikers on the day of the event. Keep the rule "upwards on the left and downwards on the right" in mind, and give way to other hikers as appropriate.
Help Each Other
  • If you find any participants in need of assistance or in danger, offer your help under a safe condition and call the organiser or the police.
Leave No Trace
  • Please sort the wastes into the litter bins, as well as various recycling bins placed along the trail and end points.
  • The most ideal way: Take your litter home.
Keep Quiet
  • The event route covers several country parks. Lower your voice so that all can enjoy a quiet countryside.
  • The event route passes several villages. Keep quiet to minimize disturbance to villager.
Do Not Smoke
  • Do not smoke within the countryside area.