Result Announcement
  1. All results will be announced on Green Power Hike website on 9 February 2018.
  2. Should participants have any query on the results, please kindly notify Green Power before 28 February 2018 by written notice.
Timing Method
  1. Participants must set off from the start point at their designated starting time, pass all the designated checkpoint(s), and step on the timing mat at the end point to ensure the result can be recorded. (Standing timing boxes are placed at checkpoints for result recording.)
  2. For teams, their result and ranking are determined by the time the last team member crossing the finish line. The number of team members who complete the hike must be the same as that during enrollment. Otherwise, team result and ranking will not be provided.
  3. For teams, all members can receive a team certificate if all of them complete the hike within the time limit. If any members of a team fail to complete the hike, the others can still receive an individual certificate, however, no ranking will be provided.
Standing Timing Box

Important Notes
  1. The timing chip and number cloth are non-transferable.
  2. Please do not fold, remove or wet the timing chips on purpose (Rain, mist and sweat would not affect timing chips).
  3. Use safety pins to attach the 4 corners of the number cloth to your outfit.
  4. If participants do not wear the timing chips or do not wear them correctly, The Organiser will not be able to provide any results or responsible for any incorrect results.
  5. The registration time and result announced by The Organiser will be final and are not to be contested.