Green Power Hike x Eco Clean Up ACTION!
Leave No Trace. Take Your Litter Home!

We sincerely invite all Green Power Hike participants and their supporting teams to join us by taking away their own rubbish and cleaning up Hong Kong Trail on the event day!
By taking the action, you will be rewarded with an APPLE!

How to join?

Step 1:Get a mesh bag
Borrow a mesh bag at start point or checkpoints* or use your own bag

Step 2:Collect rubbish
Take away your own rubbish + Pick up the rubbish on the way
For safety reasons, do not climb steep slopes and catchwater

Step 3:Recycle the rubbish
Return the mesh bag with rubbish to any checkpoints* or end point's "Eco Clean Up" booth, and separate the rubbish into different recycling bins

* Checkpoint 2 is excluded

A step forward: Take your own litter away from countryside and dispose of them in urban area
  • Wild animals love looking for food from rubbish bin. If you don’t want your rubbish become their food, please take your rubbish away from countryside!
  • With strong winds, even the rubbish in rubbish bin can be blown away all over the hill
  • Can you imagine how hard the cleansing workers would be to carry heavy rubbish down the hill? Conversely, it would be easy for every one to take it away from countryside!
A step forward: Reduce waste at source!
  • Use reusable bottles and dining utensils, avoid using disposable utensils
  • Bring fresh food such as fruits and sandwiches to reduce consumption of packaged food.
  • Use a handkerchief instead of tissue.

Little Knowledge: Peels and tissues can be naturally degraded?

Totally Wrong! Many people thought that all organic wastes can be degraded naturally, so it would be fine to litter. In fact, even a tiny peel takes a long time to be degraded. Additionally, the herbicide left in the peels will only make them do harm to the environment. Tissues are also processed with bleach which makes them even more difficult to be degraded naturally.