Organiser's Environmentally Friendly Measures CHECK!
Reusing Materials

The banners and signs are made of durable materials and reused every year.

Sorting and Recycling

Food waste collection bins are placed at all checkpoints and end points whereas different materials’ recycling bins are placed along the trail and all other points, to encourage participants to sort recyclable wastes.

Reducing Plastic Bottles

Water and energy drinks are provided, yet no bottled drinks or paper cups would be provided.

Environmentally-friendly Printing

Promotional materials are printed in small quantities with soy ink, on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper. Some of them are printed on 100% recycled fibre(min.60% post-consumer waste) and Process Chlorine Free (PCF) paper, to reduce the burden on the environment.

Reducing Paper
  • All event information are disseminated by email and through our website, and e-version will be also provided.
  • Online enrollment and online payment are encouraged.
  • Confirmation letters, certificates and receipts are distributed in digital versions by default.
Environmentally-friendly Choices

Do you really need the event T-shirt? Or you can enroll, submit donation and sponsorship form online? We offer you more environmentally-friendly choices!