My Green Hike GO!

Thank you to all Green Power hike participants who have not only fundraised for the environment, but also spent effort to show their determination to protect the environment and reduce wastes throughout our event.

Before the event, participants can:
  • Enroll, submit donation and sponsorship form online to save paper.
  • Obtain latest event details by browsing Green Power Hike Website, and avoid printing.
  • Consider whether you really need the event T-shirt.
  • Bring your own bag on Material Collection Day to collect your materials.
  • Bring your own bottle and bring your litter away (leave-no-trace) during your practice or pre-trip.
  • Read the section of Ecology of Hong Kong Trail, appreciate the natural beauty and biodiversity along the trail.
On the event day, participants can:
  • Join Green Power Hike x Eco Clean Up ACTION, to clean up the Hong Kong Trail.
  • Keep the countryside clean by taking away your own litter or sort them into the rubbish bins and recycling bins placed along the trail and checkpoints.
  • Bring two reusable bottles for water and Pocari Sweat to reduce usage of plastic bottles. (Bottled drinks and paper cups are not provided.)
  • Reuse all bottles. If you have to discard any bottles, please put it into the recycling bins placed along the trail and checkpoints.
  • Travel to the start point by means of public transport or our free shuttle bus.
  • Bring your own towel instead of using tissue papers.
  • Not leave cigarettes or kindling materials along the trail, or at checkpoints.