1.How difficult are the routes?

3 routes are available, which are 50km, 25km, and 10km respectively. The 50km route and 25km route are longer, and certain parts of these routes are steep, which require more physical strength, and pre-trip is advised. For 10km, most of the route is concrete road, and it is comparatively gentler, therefore more suitable for the beginners. Participants are advised to choose their route according to their experience and physical fitness condition. For more details, please refer to Routes.

2.What is the difference between Team and Green Team? Which category is suitable for me and my young children?

No. of members per team: Team: 3-4; Green Team: 2-4
Minimum donation: Team takes individual as a unit whereas Green Team takes the whole team as a unit Age limit: All members in a Team must be aged 18 or above whereas Green Team must have at least 1 member aged under 18 & 1 member aged 18 or above.
If you plan to hike with your young children, you might enroll in Green Team.

3.How to become a Great Hiker?

Great Hikers are invited by the Organiser. Participants who were in the top ten of 50km Male, Female or Team categories, or with an individual finishing time of 6 hours or less in the 50km race during the past three years' Green Power Hike, will be invited to participate as Great Hikers in the event.

4.How can I confirm whether my application is successful or not?

Applicants can visit Enrollment Status 14 days after enrollment and donation submission. Confirmation letters will be sent by email to all successful applicants by 22 December 2017. (Teams and Green Teams: to team leaders only; Cups: to the contact person of the corporations / organisations only)

5.How can I confirm whether my registration on waiting list is successful or not?

According to the order of registration on waiting list, we will arrange the applicants to fill the vacant quota of withdrawing participants (if there are any). An email will be sent to the applicants on waiting list to inform you with the registration status on or before 29 December 2017.

6.Will the Organiser purchase insurance for the event and participants?

The Organiser has purchased Public Liability Insurance and Group Personal Accident Insurance for the event. Participants may purchase accident / casualty insurance and property insurance on their own as necessary. Participants are advised to understand their physical conditions before enrolling the event. If you have any doubts on your health, please check with your doctor as soon as possible. Participants are responsible for their own risks and liabilities.

7.When will the results be announced?

All results will be announced on Green Power Hike website on 9 February 2018.

8.How should I prepare for the Green Power Hike?

We recommend participants to carry out pre-trip, in order to become familiar with the trail, as well as try the equipment before the event. Night walk practice is strongly advised, and participants should train their body strength, as well as endurance in accordance to their health condition. Furthermore, participants should prepare suitable equipment and diet before the event, and read the information under emergency and injury relief section.

9.Can I continue to raise money after submitting the minimum donation?

Yes. Participants are welcome to submit extra donation by crossed cheque payable to Green Power Ltd. on or before 3 March 2018. Participants who reach the "Designated Total Donation" or above, are qualified for "Green Power Hike 2019 Charity Priority Places". Please click here for details.

10.Will I receive a tax-deductible receipt for my donation?

Tax-deductible receipts will only be issued to those upon request, with donations of HK$100 or over. Please fill in the sponsorship form and check in the “Receipts” column if tax-deductible receipts are needed.

11.Do I need to report to the organiser when I arrive at the start point?

No but participants are required to arrive at the kick-off venue on time and wear the number cloth correctly.

12.Can I collect my number cloth and other event materials on the event day?

No. Participants must collect number cloth and other event materials during the Material Collection Day. For more details: Materials Collection.

13.Is my donation refundable if I find out that I cannot participate in the event after my application?

No. All donations are non-refundable after successful enrollment. Participant replacement is recommended in such case. For details, please refer to Participant Replacement.

14.I am participating in a team, if some of my team members cannot participate on the event day or fail to complete the hike within the time limit, how will my result be interpreted?

If any member of a team cannot participate in the event or fail to complete the hike within the time limit, there will be no official time record and ranking for the team. However, the individual finishing time of other team members who can complete the hike within the time limit will be recorded, and the team members will receive individual certificate but no ranking will be provided.