2012 Green Power survey data
Recommended practices

Step one:

Precisely calculate the number of mooncakes to give away


Last year, on average one moon cake per family was thrown away in Hong Kong. On this basis, during the Mid-Autumn festival period, people threw away 2.51 million mooncakes V which is equal to the total length of Hong Kong's railway. About 15% of the families discarded them because they had too many mooncakes.
E Estimate numbers to avoid excessive purchasing. The list should be calculated by subtracting the number of mooncakes expected, based on numbers of mooncakes received in the past, before deciding how many to buy this year.
E Help elderly people assess how many mooncakes they expect to receive; this can help plan the numbers of mooncakes that can be donated to other friends and relatives. Not only will this reduce the numbers bought, it will also reduce waste, saving money and protecting the environment.

Step two:

Don't buy more than you eat
Over 70% of families enjoy a Mid-Autumn Festival family reunion dinner with surplus food, with over 30% prepare more food than actually need to prevent deficient.
E Prepare just enough food.
E Don't buy too much food just because of a holiday sale, special sale or special packaging.

Step three:

Pay attention to storage to prevent food deteriorating
Properly preserving food ensures it's edible for longer, in turn reducing food waste resulting from food going bad. Plus, of course, this is good hygiene practice. Bacteria can typically multiply every 20 minutes at room temperature - so no matter whether meat is cooked or not, it should not be kept at room temperature for more than 2 hours.
E Immediately refrigerate leftover food. Cooked food should be placed higher, and raw food should be in the lower sections. The fridge should be kept below 4°C.
E Dried food that readily becomes moist should be stored in sealed containers.
E Avoid buying too much food that spoils easily.

Step four:

Take away leftover food
About 50% of families enjoy having their Mid-Autumn Festival family reunion dinner outside and over 70% have a surplus of food. The more meals people have outside, the more the industrial and commercial food waste. From 2002-2010, amounts of industrial and commercial food waste more than doubled.
E Bring a food box: whether going out for a family reunion dinner or barbeque, bringing your own food box is convenient for taking away any leftovers
E First finish the food that can't be conveniently taken away: including juicy dishes or larger portions of food, so you can more easily carry and store any leftovers.

Step five:

Give it away before it expires
over 35% of families discard mooncakes because they are past their expiry dates; another 55% do so as the mooncakes are deteriorating.
E Pay attention to the expiry dates of mooncakes and donate them to the needy before these dates.
E Organisations that accept donated mooncakes: Hong Kong New Immigrant Service Association (Tel: 2406 0070) and St James' Settlement People's Food Bank (Tel: 2975 8777).