Hong Kong generates over ten thousand tonnes of waste every day and the waste problem is even worse during and after festivals. Taking the Mid-Autumn Festival as an example, a lot of leftovers, mooncakes, glow sticks and lanterns were dumped due to celebration.

The enormous volumes of waste not only burden local landfills; but also, the production and transportation of every product, as well as their disposal, releases carbon dioxide, which is one of the major greenhouse gases. Hence, the tremendous quantities of waste produced during festivals, especially in the Mid-Autumn Festival, hasten global warming.

The Greener Festivals Campaign hopes to raise public awareness regarding the festival waste problem. As the name suggests, this aims to encourage people to 'Reduce Waste and Enjoy Greener Festivals', and so help with alleviating global warming. Please see the following web pages for more information about the campaign, and tips on ways you can enjoy festivals whilst minimising waste.

EFestival Waste
EThe Impacts of Festival Waste
EFestival Waste Reduction Tips


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