5-minute Shower Ready • Steady • Go!
  Reduce water use! Cut carbon emissions! Make the pledge of 5-minute showers and get a "5-minute sandglass". Act now!

I support the “5-minute Shower” Challenge and will make the pledge now. Reduce water use! Cut carbon emissions! Combat global warming!

First Name:
Choose one colour for your sandglass:
Blue Orange Green
No, I will download the "5-min Shower Challenge" Mobile App and practice 5-minute showers
No, I will use the sandglass received in the past "5-minute Shower Challenge" or use my own way to practice 5-minute showering.
If you have already got the 5-minute sandglass in the past “5-minute Shower Challenge”, you can make the pledge again and continue to use your sandglass and do the practice.

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