"5-min Shower Challenge" Mobile App

    The app can time shower by sensing sound of running water. User can save water and reduce carbon dioxide emission with WaterBaby. Modified version of the WaterBaby game will be released in 2016. Download from Apple App Store or Google Play now!


    “Shower Song”MV

    The MV directed by Fire Lee and performed by Ivana Wong continues to be a hit across the city.

    "5-minute Shower Challenge" Pledge
    The whole city takes action to make a pledge in taking 5-minute showers. A "5-minute Shower Sandglass" is available in 3 colours and is given to participants joining the pledge.
    "5-minute Shower" in Schools
    Research found that children need 21 days to develop a habit. All primary school students practice 5-minute showers for 21 days continuously to create and nurture the habit of saving water and reducing carbon emissions.
    "5-minute Shower Challenge"Student Mission

    Students become ambassadors and spread water saving messages to their family and friends.

    "5-minute Shower Challenge" Online Education Kit

    The education kit is specifically designed for primary schools and distributed for free online. It covers topics relating to water usage and global warming. To go with the theme of World Water Day 2017, there is explanation of the relationship between wastewater, water management and sustainable use of water and provides teachers with a set of teaching materials that focuses on the current situation of local water resources.

    (Only available for applicants with valid "login name" and "password")

    Request application form: Telephone – 3961 0200 (Green Power) / Email – 5minshower@greenpower.org.hk