"5-min Shower Challenge" Mobile App

    Until the end of 2015, the app attracted over 2,000 downloads


    “Shower Song”Music Video (Ivana Wong X Fire Lee)

    Until the end of 2015, it received more than 800,000 views.

    "5-minute Shower Challenge" Pledge
    Over thousands of members of the public made a pledge to practice 5-minute showers everyday.
    "5-minute Shower" Tertiary Institution Activities
    Over 6,500 tertiary institution students take action together.
    "5-minute Shower Challenge" in Schools

    Over 6,500 tertiary students joined and cut carbon together!

    "5-minute Shower Challenge" Online Game

    Over 49,000 primary students participated in this 21-day challenge and reduced over 30,000 kg carbon dioxide emission.

    "5-minute Shower Challenge" Online Education Kit

    The education kit is specifically designed for primary schools and distributed for free online. It covers topics relating to water usage and global warming. To go with the theme of World Water 2015, there is explanation of the concept of "Water and Sustainable Development" looking at how global warming affects water supply in Hong Kong and provides teachers with a set of teaching materials that focuses on the current situation of local water resources.