“Shower Song” (Composed, written & performed by Ivana Wong)

    A creation of Ivana Wong. Let's sing to support the "5-minute Shower Challenge"!


    “Shower Song”Music Video (Ivana Wong X Fire Lee)

    Directed by Fire Lee and performed by Ivana Wong. Enjoy watching "Shower Song"!

    "5-minute Shower Challenge" Pledge
    Ready‧Steady‧Go! All Hongkongers pledge to practice 5-minute showers. Participants making the pledge can get a newly designed 2014 "5-minute Sandglass".
    "5-minute Shower" Tertiary Institution Activities
    Ready‧Steady‧Go! Save the earth by reducing water use and carbon emissions in tertiary institutions. All tertiary institutions are welcome to get "5-minute Shower Challenge" poster and sandglass to promote the message in campus.
    "5-minute Shower Challenge" in Schools

    Research has revealed that practicing the same action for 21 days can lead to kids forming a new habit. This programme invites all primary students in Hong Kong to start practicing 5-minute showers for 21 consecutive days from 22 March 2014 (World Water Day), and so turn this practice into their water-saving and carbon reducing habit. "5-minute Sandglasses" are given to students participating in the challenge.

    "5-minute Shower Challenge" School Tour

    We visit primary schools and conduct educational activities on saving water and reducing carbon emissions.

    "5-minute Shower Challenge" Online Education Kit

    The education kit covers information about water resources and global warming, which are relevant to primary school syllabuses. It also includes the relationship between "water and energy", which echoes the theme of 2014 "World Water Day". It is designed for teachers to give students information about not only local water resources, but also the global situation. This education kit is available online for free.

    (Only available for applicants with valid "login name" and "password")

    Request application form: Telephone – 3961 0200 (Green Power) / Email – 5minshower@greenpower.org.hk