(1) 3‧22 World Water Day Action
    (2) "5-minute Shower Challenge" Outreach Promotion
    (3) "5-minute Shower Challenge" Pledge
    (4) "5-minute Shower Challenge" in Schools
    (5) "5-minute Shower Challenge" Online Education Kit (Primary Schools)

    (6) "Water Resources and Water Consumption Habits of Hong Kong People" Survey
    3‧22 World Water Day Action

    Prior to the United Nation “World Water Day” on 22 March, over 150 primary students together with Sammy and Chu Fun from Commercial Radio 2; Ms Christine Loh, Under Secretary for the Environment; and Dr. Chan Hon-fai, Chairman of the Advisory Committee on the Quality of Water Supplies, called on Hongkongers to join the “5-minute Shower Challenge” and so cut carbon emissions while using less water to combat global warming.


    "5-minute Shower Challenge" Outreach Promotion

    People go into district communities and advocate 5-minute showers. Ideally, everyone in the city takes the pledge for 5-minute shower in order to make an effort to save the earth by reducing water use and carbon emissions.


    "5-minute Shower Challenge" Pledge
    Ready‧Steady‧Go! All Hongkongers may pledge to take 5-minute showers starting from 3‧22 World Water Day. Participants who make a pledge receive a limited edition 5-minute sandglass. Over 9,000 citizens supported this action.
    "5-minute Shower Challenge" in Schools
    Primary school students in Hong Kong practice 5-minute showers for 21 consecutive days. Over 20,000 primary students participated in the challenge, resulting in 12,910kg less carbon dioxide emissions.
    "5-minute Shower Challenge" Online Education Kit (Primary Schools)

    The education kit includes a Powerpoint presentation for teaching, students' worksheets, teaching activity suggestions, etc. The contents cover the topics of water resources and global warming in the primary school curriculum. The education kit provides teachers with a set of water resources teaching materials, with a "Think Globally, Act Locally" approach. The education kit is free for download over the internet.

    Should you wish to download the Education Kit but did not previously apply to do so, please complete the Application Form and send to 5minshower@greenpower.org.hk or fax to 2384 7120 / 2780 8455.